Webinar - Insurance for Design Mistakes: a PI CAR Case Study



This session focuses on the interplay/overlaps between CAR and PI policies in the context of a case study concerning a defectively designed roof which is damaged leading to various losses and claims against the policyholder. In particular, the session provides practical guidance on how the policyholder may approach claims under any CAR and PI policy in tandem including the strategic choices and implications.


David Pryce, Managing Partner

Rob Goodship, Senior Associate

Fenchurch Law Construction Risk

Webinar - Defects Exclusions under CAR policies



Defects Exclusions give rise to a variety of difficult issues. This webinar will address some of those, including the overlapping concepts of inherent vice, defective condition, damage, and physical damage, as well as considering how to determine the value of what is excluded by the most commonly used clauses.

David Pryce is the Managing Partner of Fenchurch Law