Coverage Symposium

Belfast Coverage Symposium

2nd December 2021

Join us at our Belfast Coverage Symposium on 2nd December for a series of short topical sessions on a variety of coverage issues. This event is aimed at providing brokers with information on common coverage problems and tips on how to avoid them arising.


Grand Central Hotel Belfast, 9-15 Bedford St, Belfast BT2 7FF

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2.00pm: Registration
2.30pm: Talks – part 1
3.45pm: Drinks break
4.00pm: Talks – part 2
5.00pm: Networking with drinks and nibbles

The Talks

Jonathan CormanPartner

A Duty to Defend? The Rights & Obligations of PI Insurers in Relation to Defending Claims and Paying Defence Costs

This session will consider whether there really is a duty to defend, as well as whether defence costs are covered if the policyholder isn’t liable to the claimant; the need for insurers’ consent to incurring costs; what constitutes “reasonable” costs; and how costs should be allocated between insured and uninsured claims.

Alex RosenfieldSenior Associate

Property insurance case study: fighting fire with fire

This session looks at a fictional case study involving a fire at a commercial property. The facts are drawn from a few of our cases, and explore coverage issues we commonly see such as breaches of security conditions, non-invalidation clauses and allegations of non-disclosure (previous bankruptcy/insolvency). The session will conclude with a round-up of our top tips for getting claims paid.

James BreeseSenior Associate

D&O – Life After the Pandemic

We will consider how entities and insured persons under a D&O policy could find themselves exposed in the years ahead as a result of new and emerging risks. From Covid to Brexit and climate change to silent cyber, insureds and their brokers should be alive to gaps in cover and mitigate those problems from an early stage.

Aaron Le MarquerPartner

The Belated Demise of Orient Express v Generali, and the implications for business interruption and beyond

The FCA Test Case of 2020 was one of the most significant pieces of insurance litigation in the English courts for some time, and had an immediate impact on thousands of businesses seeking coverage of losses flowing from government-ordered closures and restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. But in overturning the notorious decision in Orient Express v Generali, the Supreme Court’s decision has far-reaching ramifications that extend beyond the coverage of Covid-19 losses. This session examines the principles set down in Orient Express, the reasons why the Supreme Court concluded that it had been wrongly decided, and the future implications of the Supreme Court’s decision for policyholders and insurers.

David Pryce & Rob Goodship

Cover for Defects: DE vs LEG

  1. Meaning of ‘defect’ and distinction from ‘damage’
  2. Latent defects becoming patent – mere manifestation or something different and incrementally greater?
  3. Standard form exclusions: cover under DE and LEG clauses compared
  4. Common coverage issues arising in practice:
    • How are intentional access costs treated under the DE and LEG clauses?
    • Is there a market understanding of how the two suites operate?
    • What constitutes an “improvement”? How is the “additional cost” likely to be determined?
    • Which provides greater cover for policyholders, DE or LEG?

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Euro Pools v RSA – diving into notification issues


30/11/2021 11:00 am

This webinar looks at the seminal Court of Appeal decision in Euro Pools v RSA, and will provide an overview of the core legal principles surrounding notifying circumstances under professional indemnity insurance policies.


Manchester Coverage Symposium

The Edwardian Manchester

18/11/2021 2:00 pm

Join us at our Manchester Coverage Symposium on 18th November for a series of short topical sessions on a variety of coverage issues. This event is aimed at providing brokers with information on common coverage problems and tips on how to avoid them arising.