Coverage Symposium

Virtual Coverage Symposium

12th November 2020

Join us at our Virtual Coverage Symposium on 12th November for a series of short topical sessions on a variety of insurance coverage issues. This virtual event is aimed at providing brokers with information on common coverage issues and tips on how to avoid them arising.


Session 1: Excess layer insurance

Session 2: Key exclusions in Construction All Risks insurance

Session 3: Reinstatement: when is it the appropriate measure of indemnity?

Session 4: Cover for COVID-19 under BI & other policies

The Talks

Fenchurch Law Jonathan Corman

Jonathan CormanPartner

Excess layer Insurance

This session will consider some issues specific to excess layer insurance, including what triggers an excess layer; what happens if an underlying layer doesn’t pay in full; and when & how excess layer insurers should be separately notified

Fenchurch Law David Pryce

David PryceManaging Partner

Key exclusions in Construction All Risks insurance

To understand the scope of cover under “all risks” policies it is first necessary to understand the exclusions, as it is those clauses that determine the cover provided. This session focuses on some of the key exclusions in Construction All Risks policies, including inherent vice; defects; wear & tear; corrosion & erosion; gradual deterioration; natural events; consequential loss; reasonable precautions; and machinery breakdown.

Fenchurch Law Joanna Grant

Joanna GrantPartner

Reinstatement: when is it the appropriate measure of indemnity?

This session considers the current state of the law in light of the recent case of Endurance Corporate Capital Limited v Sartex Quilts & Textiles Limited [2020] EWCA Civ 308 – what circumstances are to be taken into account in determining whether an insured is entitled to be indemnified on the reinstatement basis?

Fenchurch Law Aaron Le Marquer

Aaron Le MarquerPartner

Cover for COVID-19 under BI & other policies

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating economic impact across most if not all sectors. Whilst the coverage available under business interruption policies has come under intense public scrutiny in recent months, the implications for other lines of business are yet to be fully understood. This session examines the extent to which policies other than BI might respond to losses caused by the virus.

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