Property Risks

At Fenchurch Law, our experienced Property Risks team understands the risks facing property owners, and the emotional and financial pressure of unpaid claims. We also understand that property damage frequently leads to losses other than the cost of repairing the damage, giving rise to disputes about the extent to which those additional losses can be recovered from insurers or other third parties.

Our Property Risks practice area is led by Fenchurch Law Partner Joanna Grant. Joanna and her team of specialist solicitors represent property owners and business owners, both large and small, advising policyholders in high-value commercial coverage disputes relating to all types of property risks and including under Commercial Property Policies and Building Defect Guarantee Policies.

We have acted on claims ranging from the largest insured loss arising from the London Riots in 2011, to losses for owner-managed companies where making a recovery from insurers was essential to the survival of their business.

Our specialist solicitors have extensive experience and have assisted in securing favourable recoveries and improving the scope of cover for clients in relation to all aspects of UK and international property risks including:

  • Property damage
  • Building cladding
  • Fire safety issues
  • Building defects
  • Commercial buildings
  • Real Estate

When serious events happen, some clients prefer to have us involved from the very start, and we provide strategic advice before a claim under a policy is made to minimise the risk of the insurer disputing cover, including providing strategic advice about how to best present the claim in order to maximise policy coverage and speed up the settlement process.

Where a claim has already been declined in full or in part, our specialist insurance lawyers will initially assess the situation and provide advice on the underlying merits of a claim against the insurer. Where required, our solicitors can then provide guidance as to how best to resolve any coverage dispute. If it becomes necessary, we will then issue proceedings to compel the insurer to pay the claim.

At whatever stage of a case Fenchurch Law becomes involved, we always work proactively with all parties involved in order to achieve the most appropriate and fair solution to coverage disputes as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We work particularly closely and collaboratively with insurance brokers, combining our legal skills with their commercial leverage to achieve the best possible outcome for every one of our clients.

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