5 January 2022

Funding for insurance coverage disputes. S1E3

Welcome to The Policyholder Podcast, presented by Fenchurch Law, the podcast that aims to bring insights from a variety of guests with different perspectives on the insurance market, in a way that’s relevant to policyholders, and the brokers who represent them.

Partners Aaron Le Marquer and David Pryce are joined by special guest Tets Ishikawa to discuss funding for insurance coverage disputes.

Tets is the Managing Director at LionFish, a specialist litigation funder based in London, that offers intelligent pricing and focuses on financing commercial litigation risks. In this episode we cover:

  • Where litigation funding currently stands – where has it come from, and what’s the direction of travel?
  • Recent developments and trends in litigation funding.
  • Do funders like insurance disputes, or are there difficulties with funding cases against insurers?

In our Good, Bad, or Ugly segment, find out why Tets thinks that new entrants into the litigation funding market is good for policyholders.

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