15 December 2021

Has the Insurance Act achieved what the Law Commissions intended? S1E1

Welcome to The Policyholder Podcast, presented by Fenchurch Law, the podcast that aims to bring insights from a variety of guests with different perspectives on the insurance market, in a way that’s relevant to policyholders, and the brokers who represent them.

Managing Partner David Pryce is joined by Partner, Jonathan Corman and special guest David Hertzell to discuss the Insurance Act and if it achieved what the Law Commissions intended.

David Hertzell was appointed the Law Commissioner in 2007 until 2014. As Law Commissioner he was responsible for various commercial and common law reform projects, including the recent major reforms of insurance contract law, the law relating to the supply of goods and services, unjustified threats in intellectual property litigation and the fiduciary duties of investment intermediaries.

In this episode we cover the following:

  • Problems that the Law Commissions were trying to fix
  • The behaviours the Commissions were trying to change
  • The extent to which the introductions of the Insurance Act and the Enterprise Act has had the desired effect

In our Good, Bad, or Ugly segment for policyholders find out why David thinks the regulators involvement in the Aon-Willis merger is good for policyholders and why the market’s response to Covid was bad.

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