27 January 2022

Mediating Coverage Disputes: a perspective from the US – S1E5

Welcome to The Policyholder Podcast, presented by Fenchurch Law, the podcast that aims to bring insights from a variety of guests with different perspectives on the insurance market, in a way that’s relevant to policyholders, and the brokers who represent them.

This week, our host David Pryce welcomes one of the US’ preeminent mediators, Jeff Kichaven, to discuss Mediating Coverage Disputes.

Jeff has a widely known and respected mediation practice and regularly assists parties in coming to a settlement in complex insurance disputes. His unique approach to mediation guides lawyers and clients toward the clear, focused decision-making, from which settlements naturally follow. Jeff is an Honors Graduate of Harvard Law School and a Phi Beta Kappa Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

In this episode we cover the following:

  • Why mediation is a good process of resolving coverage disputes (and, potentially, the circumstances in which it may not be such a good process for doing so).
  • How the ongoing relationships between policyholder, broker, and insurer, impact coverage mediations.
  • The ethical issues that arise when mediators get involved in settlement discussions.

In our “Good, Bad, or Ugly” segment find out why Jeff thinks the development of online mediations is good for policyholders.

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