19 December 2021

The policyholder perspective. What do policyholders want from the insurance market? S1E2

Welcome to The Policyholder Podcast, presented by Fenchurch Law, the podcast that aims to bring insights from a variety of guests with different perspectives on the insurance market, in a way that’s relevant to policyholders, and the brokers who represent them.

Managing Partner David Pryce is joined By Airmic CEO, Julia Graham, and Insurance Manager of Compass Group, Scott Feltham, to discuss what policyholders want from the insurance market.

In this episode we cover the following:

• What do policyholders want from the insurance market?
• Is the insurance market delivering what policyholders want?
• What are the challenges in terms of how the market is meeting the needs of policyholders, and what are the solutions?

In our “Good, Bad, or Ugly” segment, find out why Scott thinks the prevalence of intangible risks in the modern world is Ugly for policyholders, and why Julia thinks a move to a better understanding of data is Good for the whole insurance industry.

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