Our client is a world leading manufacturer of industrial thread and consumer textiles.

Our client was sued in Israel for having sold allegedly contaminated thread for use in feminine hygiene products. Although our client did not consider itself to have been at fault, the claim was settled for c.$3m after their insurer assumed conduct of the defence.

Our client was insured under a global programme which, so far as is relevant, consisted of a local policy placed in Israel, and a master policy placed in the UK.

Following settlement of the underlying claim a dispute arose in relation to a number of questions, including: (i) how much of the claim against our clients fell within the scope of its Product Liability cover, and how much fell within the scope of its Financial Loss cover; (ii) whether the interrelationship between the local and master policies should be governed by “difference in limits” provisions, or “difference in conditions” provisions; and, on the basis of the answer to the first two questions (iii) what was the value of the excess payable by our client.

Although the sums at issue were not significant for either our client or the insurer, there was a point of principle at stake that both parties felt strongly about. When we became involved the matter was at an impasse. Initially we were asked to provide an advice to our client’s insurance broker, who we work with regularly. Our client is an important client for the insurance broker, and so maintaining a positive commercial relationship was a high priority for them.

On the basis of our advice to the broker, we were then retained directly by our client to correspond with insurer’s solicitors.

After setting out our client’s position in detail we recommended a strategy involving commercial discussions between the broker and the insurer, to proceed alongside our correspondence.

The result was that the insurer agreed to accept our clients’ position in full.

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David Pryce Managing Partner

David is a partner specialising in insurance disputes, with a particular focus on Construction and Technology risks.

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Jonathan Corman Partner

Jonathan is a partner specialising in insurance disputes, with a particular focus on Professional and Financial risks.

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John Curran Partner

John is a partner specialising in insurance disputes with a particular focus on D&O, Energy, Industrial, and Institutional risks.

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Joanna Grant Partner

Joanna is a partner specialising in insurance disputes, with a particular focus on Property Risks.

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Amy Lacey Partner

Amy is a partner specialising in resolution of coverage disputes for policyholders with a particular focus on Construction and Business Interruption risks.

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James Morris Senior Associate

James specialises in representing policyholders in insurance coverage disputes under a range of financial lines insurance policies, including Professional Indemnity, D&O, Crime, Cyber and W&I.

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Laura Steer Senior Associate

Laura is a senior associate specialising in insurance disputes. Laura has a broad range of experience, but with a particular focus on Energy and Property risks.

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Alex Rosenfield Senior Associate

Alex has a solid grounding in coverage disputes. His experience includes professional indemnity claims, property damage and business interruption.

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James Breese Associate

James has considerable litigation and regulatory experience to compliment his knowledge of insurance disputes.

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Daniel Robin Associate

Daniel is an associate specialising in insurance disputes with a particular focus on professional liability, property damage, commercial combined policies and financial lines related policies.

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Rob Fink Consultant

Rob is a consultant specialising in insurance disputes, with a particular focus on Professional & Financial risks.

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Donna Baldwin Practice Director

Donna is Fenchurch Law’s Practice Director.

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Michael Hayes Business Development Manager

Michael is Fenchurch Law's Business Development Manager.

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Fiona Oletu-Martins Operations Assistant

Fiona provides administrative support to all fee earners and ensures the smooth running of the Fenchurch Law office.

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Tracey Pryce BD & Operations Consultant

Tracey is a consultant to Fenchurch Law, providing support to the business development and operations team.

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