Unlike almost every other insurance law firm, we specialise in acting for policyholders in coverage disputes.

Our lawyers work hard to assess the bigger picture and find solutions quickly and efficiently. We are able to assist with insurance disputes both before a coverage dispute arises and after a coverage dispute arises.

When serious events happen some clients prefer to have us involved from the very start and we provide strategic advice before a claim under a policy is made. From the outset we can provide strategic advice about how to present the claim in order to maximise policy coverage and speed up the settlement process. We always work with all the involved parties to get the best solution.

If the client wishes to make a claim under a policy, we can help resolve any coverage disputes. When a claim is declined in full or in part we can help assess the situation and provide advice on the underlying merits of the claim against an insurer. If appropriate, we can provide guidance as to how best to resolve any dispute that arises. Should it become necessary then we can issue proceedings to try to compel an insurer to pay a claim.

Our aim is always to work proactively with all the parties involved and to get the best and most fair outcome as cost effectively as possible.