Fenchurch Law awarded “Gold” for client care experience

19 May 2021
By Michael Hayes

We’re delighted to announce that Fenchurch Law has achieved a ‘gold’ award from the independent Investor in Customers (IIC) assessment process for a fourth year running.

IIC is an independent client experience agency which conducts client experience assessments, helps develop insights into client satisfaction, and awards annual accreditations. IIC also compares the views of staff and senior management to identify how embedded the customer is within the company’s thinking.

Comments from Fenchurch Law clients included:

 “They have always been a solid, consistently high-quality business, who add genuine value for policyholders”.

“I have been very impressed by Fenchurch Law in all my dealings with them. I particularly value the fact that, unlike the majority of the large law firms, they never act for insurers and accordingly there is no conflict of interest”.

“Fenchurch Law is clearly passionate about what it does. They have given invaluable advice to me and my clientele and I would recommend and have recommended them to many clients and contacts”.

“Great to have a customer facing law firm with the level of expertise Fenchurch Law has”.

“The service that they offer is a real value add to my clients so a great strategic partnership”.

Sandy Bryson, Director at IIC, commented: “Investor in Customers has been working with Fenchurch Law for 4 consecutive years. Every year, the firm has demonstrated that it provides its clients with an exceptional experience attaining IIC’s highest award for client experience, Gold, each time. There is, and always has been, a genuine passion and culture within the whole Fenchurch Law team to continue to improve its service to all its clients and to consistently deliver the highest quality outcomes for them. It is such a pleasure to work with the firm.”

David Pryce, Managing Director at Fenchurch Law added: “Providing an exceptional service is one of our key principles. Improving outcomes for our policyholder clients is number one priority and we are confident that the IIC process will help us improve every aspect of our service in the future”.