Press Release

Fenchurch Law launches combined legal service and costs cover for policyholders with insurance claims disputes

28 July 2016
By Michael Hayes

Fenchurch Law, the UK’s leading firm working exclusively for policyholders and brokers on complex insurance disputes, has launched Fenchurch Law Unlimited (Unlimited) with the goal of protecting policyholders and levelling the playing-field with insurers.

Most policyholders are unable to match the financial resources or the specialist professional support networks that their insurers can call upon. This means that if insurers refuse to pay a claim, very few policyholders are able to challenge the decision on a commercially level playing-field.

As part of the package, policyholders also have access to unlimited legal advice in relation to their rights and obligations under their insurance policies and cover for the cost of pursing a claim against the insurer. Costs such as counsels’ fees, experts’ and court fees, and the risk of having to pay insurer’s costs are also covered, for claims with good prospects of success. It will be sold through brokers on a delegated authority basis, alongside the policyholder’s existing commercial or personal lines insurance.

How does it work?

The policyholder buys the service at the same time as they take out their insurance policy, for a single up-front fee calculated as 1% of the premium of the policyholders’ insurance policies.

Commenting on Unlimited David Pryce, managing partner at Fenchurch Law, said: “When an insurer refuses to pay a claim very few policyholders are able to challenge them on a commercially level playing-field. Unlimited is all about improving outcomes for policyholders, and addresses a risk faced by all policyholders but for which there was no protection available, until now”.

“Working in conjunction with a group of like-minded providers we have been able to produce a package of services offering the same high quality representation insurers already receive in dealing with disputes. We will now be working to introduce the benefits of Unlimited across the UK insurance broking sector as a key part of their client support offering.”

For further details about Unlimited and how it could benefit you or your clients please contact us either by email at address or call our dedicated Unlimited phone number 020 3058 3088.