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Webinar – FCA Test Case: the Appeal

20 November 2020
By Fenchurch Law

The Test Case brought by the FCA to determine coverage issues in relation to Covid-19 Business Interruption losses has been unique in a number of respects. It was the first case of its kind to be brought under the Financial Markets Test Case Scheme. It was brought, heard and decided on an unprecedented accelerated timetable. And it affected an enormous number of policyholders – over 370,000 according to the FCA’s estimate. The judgment issued in September produced some important results for policyholders, but many of the key findings are now under appeal at the Supreme Court.

Following the conclusion of the Supreme Court appeal hearings on 19 November, this session examines the main issues under dispute, the positions of the parties, and the implications of the outcome for policyholders and the insurance industry.

Aaron Le Marquer is a Partner at Fenchurch Law